Welcome to Baggit’s Official Blog!


Hey-ho Baggitians and newbies!

Welcome to Baggit’s very own blog! One of India’s premier accessory
and handbag brands in India, we’re bringing you the entire scoop on the
latest fashion fads, news and trends!

Celebrate each festival with us in our unique way, live life
fashionably and learn something new.

From ideas, to tips and everything in between, let us guide you to
make your wardrobe choices.

Fashion is about you and expressing your personal style – not only do
we offer a range of handbags for women but we also cater to the needs
of the modern Indian man.

Here, you’ll get the latest news on our collections – the thought, the
process, the inspiration along with tips to help you choose your look.
Join us in on the fun we have at work where we laugh, play and create.
Also, take a sneak peek into our unique lifestyle we lead.

From a how-to to de-stressing with meditation techniques to eating
healthy and combining style with structure in life, we’ll show you how
it’s fashionable to stay and live fabulously healthily!

Participate in our contests and enjoy sharing your unique touch to
fashion – from getting quirky with D-I-Ys to posing with your ‘me’ bag
it’s all about expressing and living your life your way.

Re-vamp your wardrobe and plan your new additions with options galore!
This is our journey and we’re inviting you to join in on the fun.
Things are about to get crazy. Trendily so.

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  1. Reblogged this on arandommallusoul and commented:
    BAGGIT ! My first re-blog of my favorite blog.

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