This Diwali Baggit lets you play with colour!

Festivities involve lights, color and of course dressing up in your
favourite attire to celebrate.

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Baggit gives you the opportunity to glam up your nails this season!
Hands are one of the most expressive parts of the body – we use them
for almost everything.

So much so that hand accessories are a must have.

Taking it further, women paint their nails and also indulge in nail
art to further accentuate their slender fingers while also being able
to add a quirky touch to their usual day.

So walk into our exclusive Bangalore Baggit outlet at:
Commercial Ground Floor, NO 166, Commercial Street, BBMP WARD NO 79, Next to
Prestige Man Mall; between 31st to 2nd from 4pm-9:30pm and have your
nails done by a professional nail art technician!
Fab, fun, fashionable – the party’s on!

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