Gear up to look fashionable with Baggit and Bangalore’s Deccan Herald Daily!


India’s Largest selling Handbag brand got covered in Bangalore’s most loved and authentic Daily, Deccan Herald. A Mixed Range of some of Baggit’s awesome bags got featured. A collection you will absolutely love and would want to include in your wardrobe. Get a look and stay amazed!


Baggit offers a wide range of extremely fashionable and trendy products- wallets, caps, handbags, clutches and belts that are made exclusively from cruelty-free, unique gorgeous material. Meticulously created for the modern woman, go head over heels in love with these beauties, and look your best always.

For this monsoon, colorful and rain-repellent accessories from Baggit will not only help you house your basic essentials safely and in an organized manner, but also brighten up a dull rainy day. With the variety of incredible 100% trendy, chic and stunning products Baggit has to offer, time to get your style fix today.

From Baggit’s Latest Collection, check out these awesome accessory water repellent options for the rains and add a little zing to your style. Must-haves for this season, deck up your wardrobe with these amazing beauties and get stylish with Baggit, today! To get these, visit Baggit exclusive stores or log on to

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