Pretty and Tough Women make it big for India at the Common Wealth Games 2014


Saluting Sukhen Dey & K.Sanjita Chanu for their victory at the Common wealth Games. They grabbed all the attention in Glasglow and made India proud by bagging gold each in Women’s Weightlifting.

It is a great honor for India to have such women who work with determination and focus; their hard work and struggle certainly did pay off and is visible in their achievement at the most coveted international, multi-sport event. A true inspiration for all you girls to rise and make a mark in society. Your favorite fashion accessory brand, Baggit too supports woman empowerment and believes that a lady is not just pretty, but pretty tough. An unshakable belief truly! She has the capability to look her best, and be strong at the same time!

Great to witness things change for women in recent times; they are working towards empowerment and making history. Dedicating this blog to these two women who, with pride represented India at the Commonwealth Games 14’and also, all the other powerful and tough women over the world that deliver their best to reach a goal. A clear message to all you gorgeous ladies to follow your dreams and empower yourselves to work for the better. As the new age modern woman, girls sow the seed for real women empowerment today.              

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