Wishing Everyone a very Happy and Eco-friendly Ozone Day!

As we celebrate 16th September as World Ozone Day every year, let us value the importance of the Ozone Layer and its role in the surrounding environment today. This is a wonderful day to realize the need to stop the gradual depletion of this vital layer of the atmosphere, and act upon it to avoid a global disaster. Very important for life forms to survive on this earth, your contribution for a sustainable future is vital. Save our earth and also lead a sustainable life.

WOD_InstagramThere are a few vegan fashion accessory brands, Baggit is one of them who is doing its bit to save planet Earth. In today’s day of many environmental issues, it is high time we too become more Eco-conscious. Make an effort to do your bit and also create awareness to protect and preserve the environment. Baggit contributes by manufacturing bags which are made up of Vegan, Eco-friendly material out of which most of it is recyclable, to protect the environment. Different waste materials and products being used for shoes, pillow covers, etc. are also made use of to create most of their bags. If not big, there are many simple ways you can incorporate to slow the rate of ozone depletion. Guys, do make an effort to act wisely towards preserving our beautiful environment.

What a wonderful day to celebrate the significance of our atmosphere and reflect on how we can contribute towards saving the environment! Time to take action and be responsible, after all, we all are part of one world, and we care. Save the Ozone Layer! Protect It! Your Planet needs your help!

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