A Special Treat this Baggit Birthday Get a 10% off on any product

What is a birthday without surprises? Fashionistas, today your Favorite Fashion Handbag Brand, Baggit has grown a year Older and is celebrating their day the Exciting Way. On this Special Day of theirs, they have a Treat just for you as they are offering a sweet flat 10% discount on the best of items and even on their fresh collection.

10% %

Debuting on 2nd October in 1990, Baggit has made its mark in different cities across India and is continuing to do so. It has certainly been a long journey for them and they couldn’t have done it without your love and support. This Baggit Birthday, the brand wishes that all Baggit lovers be an integral part of the thrill and celebration. Indulge, and make the most of the Baggit Birthday Celebrations.

Visit exclusive Baggit stores or www.baggit.com and join the Birthday  Merriment. Make sure you drop by to get a hold of this funtastic offer. Make this day extraordinary for you and them!

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