Double the look with Baggit’s New Opposites Attract Collection!

Look chic with two different hues this season of Contrasts! The Autumn Winter 14’ Collection launched by accessory brand, Baggit, is simply amazing because of its excellent dual-toned range. Inspired by the beauty that comes from two complementing colors, structured silhouettes and armor-like tailoring; Opposites Attract Collection has bags in dynamic styles and distinctive shades that are combined to create perfect Fashion Matches. Made from cruelty-free materials, mix and match these beauties to create stunning looks.

PostHandbags in two shades give you options to mix and match, and create different looks every time you step out of your home. Make one of these hot and trendy bags an essential part of your wardrobe, your best friend to carry around in style. This season, let colors clash to create something beautiful– bags in dramatic contrasts are here to highlight the two-tone texture and your overall look on the whole. Get double the chic look! The Opposites Attract color combination include off-white-smoke, orange-blue, orange-beige, blue-beige, red-gold, lavender-grey, making every piece stand out uniquely.

A combination of modern fashion and functionality is what makes this collection – an intriguing masterpiece to incorporate a stylish twist to your ensemble. An amazing concept based on differences, the overall range is a celebration of a unique blend of opposite colors forming a piece of beauty. Contrasting colored handbags help you do more with what’s in your closet compared to the plain ones. With the Opposites Attract collection, highlight your experimental and interesting fashion side today!

Choose from totes and clutches in two shades you will absolutely adore. Sure to interest you, time to step out with the Opposites Attract Collection and make a mark like no other! Girls, bring out your stylish jackets and boots to match them with a dose of warmth and freshness, visit Baggit Exclusive stores or simply visit

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