Chic Casual Bags from Baggit for every Modern Girl!

Bring out a laid-back, relaxed style with #Casual Bags! What’s great about such bags is that they go well with casual clothes and are perfect to carry on your regular trips: visit to the mall, while running an errand, or a casual meet-up with peers. A stylish and convenient way to carry your daily essentials, girls, add a special category of casual bags that provide an amazing blend of comfort and functionality to enjoy your after-hours casual fun, fashionably!

The casual carry is designed for those moments when you want to travel light and not for a specific occasion. Sling bags, hobos, backpacks and shoulder bags in different colors and funky prints have been the recent trend among girls when it comes to donning a casual look. These are most adored to carry on casual wear for any informal occasions; an awesome range to carry on denims, a pair of shorts and tees or for when you simply want to break the formality. Girls, rock the cool casual attire without having to try too hard.

Your favorite fashion accessory brand, Baggit offers a wide range of #Casual Bag options to choose from for college goers, girls that are youthful and voguish. Baggit is completely a “Made in India” and Vegan Fashion Brand that has its own voice and image. What’s great is that all their bags are made from cruelty-free materials and are multifunctional purpose-designed, sure to keep one on trend and even out the load stylishly.

Select an eclectic mix of colors and designs instead of just sticking to one kind of casual bag; explore your creative side and get trendy. Match them with all your outfits and travel around town looking chic and fabulous. Make sure to opt for a Casual Bag that offers sufficient space to house all your daily valuables required when on the go, along with being fashionable. Create a fun, relaxed look with Casual Bags from Baggit Exclusive stores or simply visit www.CAsual Collection

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