Stay Equipped and Stylish with Attractive Wallets

Get past through all the days with a functional, yet stylish wallet. This classy wallet from your favorite fashion accessory brand, Baggit’s Exclusive Valentine’s Collection is in a gorgeous lavender color; made from cruelty-free material, the amazing design in flawless elegance is perfect to oomph your style. Versatile and handy to carry, make this a fashion accessory must-have! 

High on style and convenient, having a wallet that can be carried as a sling is a comfortable fashion accessory as it can be slipped over your shoulder or carried in your handbag with ease. Suitable for different occasions and all age groups, carrying a wallet as a cross-body because of the long strap can be extremely modish and easy to hold all your essentials you wish to carry on your daily travel trips. Pretties, watch heads turn towards you in an instant carrying this fabulous number. Make this your stylish companion while travelling, and stay fashionably well-equipped.

Baggit offers a wide range of compact, modern wallets created with innovative and gorgeous cruelty-free fabrics. Opt for an eclectic mix of colors, and styles instead of just sticking to one kind of wallet. Pick your favorite wallet from the wide wallet range Baggit has to offer from the brand’s exclusive stores or simply log on to

Valentine SP Post 2

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