Baggit is Celebrating Women’s Day the Exciting Way!


Women’s day is a way of celebrating the indomitable, multi-faceted image women display in their life. Someone without whom we are incomplete, women certainly deserve to be loved. This International Women’s Day, let us take the opportunity to respect and appreciate women all over the world who have the biggest influence in our lives. It could be your better half, mother, grandmother, teacher, sister, daughter or even your girlfriend and most importantly, yourself.

Your favorite fashion accessory brand, #Baggit salutes the spirit of Womanhood and wishes all the gorgeous ladies a very Happy Women’s Day. Baggit strongly believes that women need to be valued for the simple reason that she is precious in the eyes of everyone and is worthy of freedom and happiness always. She is someone who possesses all the qualities, from being multi-faceted, a nurturer, zealous, motherly, balanced, a superhero to a true inspiration for all; she manages every role beautifully. A sincere wish that the society changes their mindset towards women for the better, and appreciates them for being achievers. Folks, make a promise to shield the honor of women and respect them for who they are just like Baggit does!

Come, be a part of this celebration by sharing your views according to you what quality in a woman do you respect on Baggit Twitter and Facebook page and pledge to hold women in great esteem everywhere.

Also, you can pamper yourself with gifts of love from Baggit. On the purchase of bags worth of 2500 rupees from any Baggit Exclusive Store, you will be entitled to a free spin on the fortune wheel, which can get you a Baggit goody. Exiting indeed! Do not miss this superb opportunity to feel special this Women’s Day.

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