Play Carefree : Why care about What’s Hot & What’s Not?!


Greetings to all the fashionistas out there! Baggit introduces you to the hot summers of 2015 with its brand new Spring/Summer Collection. Its campaign, ‘Play The Life Game’ is based on the idea of encouraging the urban woman of today to express themselves without any restraints. Just like the fresh and bright summers, Baggit embraces the feeling of being FREEEE!

Baggit understands what every woman goes through day to day and thus, wants her to be expressive in her own way. Why be prim and proper always, why not talk or laugh with a mouth full of junk food, why dress lady-like? WHY? Just unshackle those chains and Baggit bags will always be there by your side.

This vibrant collection brings to you an exclusive blend of bright and bold colors with attractive textures and prints for their various audiences. These bags are Available at Baggit’s Exclusive Brand Outlets and large Format Multi-brand Stores across India, as well as leading on-line fashion shopping sites.

For more information, please visit Baggit exclusive stores &, facebook/Baggit or twitter/baggitworld.

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