#PLAYGREEN – 22nd April, 2015 | World Earth Day


Hey you eco-warriors out there!  This World Earth Day, your favourtite handbag brand, Baggit is well aware of the crazy pace of life these days and knows that it is not always easy to live up to your eco-aspirations. So whether you are an occasional recycler or a sworn vegan, every little bit counts and Baggit supports you in all your efforts to save Mother Earth.

Baggit is committed to a philosophy of beauty without cruelty and hence ensures that all the products are vegan and cruelty-free. Since Baggit does not make use of animal products, the large amount of chemicals needed to treat leather hides is completely avoided; also, less harmful byproducts are produced during their manufacturing processes as well. In a way, Baggit is doing their bit to contribute towards saving Planet Earth and hopes you do your bit too. Baggit is offering you a chance to show your love for the only life-giving planet you live on through their fabulous contest they are conducting.

Baggit sincerely wishes and encourages everyone to join them in making a small commitment to Planet Earth. In that vein, they are holding a contest on Facebook and Twitter wherein the first 10 people to upload a photo of themselves with a newly planted tree will receive exciting Baggit goodies. Be a part and don’t forget #PLAYGREEN and #Baggit

For more information, please visit facebook/Baggit or twitter/baggitworld

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