Play Liberated : Don’t let anyone tame you!


Hey Baggitians! Baggit is here with its brand new collection for Spring/Summer 2015. Its campaign ‘Play The Life Game’ celebrates the woman of the 21st century. Your most loved handbag brand, Baggit understands the balance that every modern woman has to maintain and various roles she has to play in life. But despite that, Baggit wishes that women of today grab the freedom to do, say and be what they want without always considering the opinion of others. They have a choice to be expressive!

Whether it is about being career-oriented, deciding to stay unmarried or about other choices that you make throughout your life, Baggit is the friend who’ll always be by your side and support you in the form of your preferences.

This collection brings to you an exclusive blend of bright and bold colors with attractive textures and prints for their various audiences.

This range is available at Baggit Exclusive Brand Outlets and Large Format Multi-brand stores across India, as well as leading Online fashion shopping sites.

For more information, please visit a Baggit store,, facebook/Baggit or twitter/baggitworld.

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