Play Offbeat: Blaze your Own Trail!


Hey adventurers! For those of you out there who have always seen a challenge as an opportunity rather than an obstacle, the new 2015 Spring/Summer Collection has rough and tough bags that will keep going as long as you do.

Follow the latest trends with the wide array of handbags in various styles and colors from the Baggit range that gives you the freedom to mix and match in your own way. Get a load of a wide assortment of backpacks, sling bags and utility pouches because if travelling new paths was easy the road would be paved.

Baggit’s new campaign, ‘Play The Life Game’, explores the nuanced personalities of modern men and women. People are not one dimensional, they express themselves in a variety of ways, and this campaign is a celebration of all those different aspects of YOU.

Make sure to pick your favourite Baggit bag available at all Baggit Exclusive stores, leading online retailers, and many multi-brand stores across India, so no matter where you might be, get access to this gorgeous brand and get stylish NOW!

For more information, please visit a Baggit store,, facebook/Baggit or twitter/baggitworld.

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