Play Naughty : Don’t lose the child inside you!

A very Good Morning to all the troublemakers in town! Your favourite handbag brand, Baggit welcomes the summer of 2015 with its stylish Spring/Summer Collection. Its campaign – ‘Play The Life Game’, celebrates the contemporary and multifaceted woman of today. The idea is to encourage them to express themselves without limitations.

From kulfis and ice-candies to making paper boats and dancing in the rain! Why give up the simple pleasures of life? Embrace growing up, but don’t forget the childlike imp in you. Baggit appreciates the different aspects of your personality and embraces the uniqueness of every individual by offering a range of bags that will suit your preferences.

This collection brings to you an exclusive blend of bold and fun colors with unique textures and prints for their various audiences.

This range is available at Baggit’s Exclusive Brand Outlets and Large Format Multi-brand Stores across India, as well as leading Online fashion shopping sites.

For more information, please visit a Baggit store,, facebook/Baggit or twitter/baggitworld.

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