Play Sophisticated with Baggit’s stylish SS15′ Men’s Sling Bag


What’s up, folks!

Your favorite fashion handbag brand, Baggit got stylishly covered in ET Panache with a slick sling bag from their special SS15′ Collection in the ‘Height of Style’ article on how to accessorize and style a complete men’s look. Modern men need a bag that is tough, as well as, an expression of their unique personalities and Baggit is determined to provide you with just that. Check it out and transform your look into a dashing one!

Baggit has always been associated with strong individuals so whether you are conquering the board room or the great outdoors there is a bag which is the right fit for you. Baggit men’s range consists of wallets, sling bags, back packs, belts and laptop bags which are perfect for men looking to make a fashion statement.

The collection includes an exclusive blend of bold and masculine colors with unique textures and prints for all their various audiences.

The Baggit men’s range is available at Baggit’s Exclusive Brand Outlets and Large Format Multi-brand Stores across India, as well as leading Online shopping sites.

For more information, please visit a Baggit store,, facebook/Baggit or twitter/baggitworld.

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