Exciting news Baggit folks,

Style magazine, Cosmopolitan featured the Baggit 2015 Spring/Summer Collection the stylish way.

If “embodying style” is part of your life philosophy, then Baggit SS15’ has a bag that will be just the right fit. Whether you need a fun flirty tote to show off your feisty mood this weekend or a sling to match your bolder side in the boardroom, Baggit will not let you down. The brand offers a variety of bags that will work perfectly for your every mood and occasion, always keeping you high on style.

These bags also feature prominently in the, Play the Life Game,’ campaign. The campaign is a celebration of the multifaceted, modern Indian consumer and expounds the idea of ‘being, and expressing you through fashion and handbags.’

People have versatile needs, so Baggit SS15’ includes an array of trendy colors, and a variety of prints, textures and materials, as well as, a plethora of styles from slings and totes to wallets and clutches. Make sure you get a look!

Cosmo Facebook-PR Post

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