In celebration of Friendship Day, your favourite handbag brand, Baggit has a special contest just for you! Folks, get a chance to flaunt your true friendship and win…

Be a part of the celebration by simply posting the most favourite picture of your best friend and you on Baggit Facebook page; the pictures with the maximum number of likes will receive exciting Baggit goodies. Make sure to tag your best friend and share your picture with as many people as possible, so that they will Like your picture.

The fun times captured on camera with your friends must be treasured and shared too. Share that sweet, memorable picture of you and your friend with Baggit who appreciates the true bond of friendship. What could be a better opportunity to show your love for your buddy and tell him/her how much you love them for being awesome! Let one amazing picture say it all…

Do Participate and spread Happiness Around this Friendship’s Day!

To find out more details and contest rules, go to

FB Post 504x504

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