Spread Cheer with this Vibrant Baggit Bag!


If a cheerful mood and good attention is what you are seeking for, this bag is it! Super stylish, this electric blue shoulder bag from Baggit’s awesome, new Herringbone Collection is perfect for driving away the blues. Stay vibrant and in a good mood always carrying this casual bag!

Made from cruelty-free material, this bag is inspired by the unconventional world of art that stirs a self-expressive and hand-drawn illustrative direction. An eclectic and unpredictable approach to the cultural zigzag pattern that is the funky herringbone patterned pouch attached to the bag is what gives it a feeling of bohemian craftsmanship. Also, the pouch is integrated with a mirror inside to look your pretty best always. How innovative! As outstanding the bag already is, the little detail and additional pockets make this bag truly exceptional.

In a unique design, store all your essentials conveniently to step out well-equipped and in style.  Don’t let this bag swim away for anything; it is your chance to set a mark with the herringbone pattern. Make sure to visit Baggit Exclusive stores to pick this fabulous number or simply log on towww.baggit.com TODAY!

Modern Chic 504X504 2

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