Baggit -A lot more than a Fashion Brand!

Baggit launched their exciting Fall/Winter 15’ Collection at Lakme Fashion Week recently, showcasing a wide variety of high-end fashionable bags in the season’s trendiest colours and styles. Known for being India’s leading fashion handbag brand, there is a lot more to Baggit than you think!

Besides making efforts to keep up with the latest fashion trends, designs and colours and doing their best to deliver excellent service to customers, on Thursday all employees working at the Head office of Baggit assemble at the terrace and engage in team building games, listen to inspirational talks and practice meditation. At Baggit, Peace and joy are the most important aspects.

A completely make in India brand, Baggit strongly believes in ‘Beauty without cruelty’ and ‘Dressing to kill, and not kill to dress’. They specialize in using traditional handicraft skills to create modern designs with non-leather materials that are environmental friendly. Mini entrepreneurs and employment are created in the surrounding villages (Katarkhadak) by outsourcing small elements like zips, handles, tags etc instead of trying to mechanize everything within the factory. Right from designing, assembling, packaging and shipping, all of it is done at the factory itself.

Not only this, Baggit is aware that “all work and no play make one dull and disinterested”. A little fun is needed and hence, the HR at Baggit makes sure they come up with interesting activities that rejuvenate the minds of all its employees.

What an amazing brand to be associated with indeed! Baggit truly rocks!

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