Wardrobe Staples you must possess-Stock It Up Now!

There are some basic fashion essentials you absolutely need right there in your closet. Simply mix and match these with your other clothing to get fashion-ready whenever you decide to travel. Below is a list of closet vitals you must possess to get your style right. Take a look at the list and make sure you stock these fashion staples..

A Dazzling Clutch

We all agree that the handbag/clutch you carry can either make or break your outfit. Whether it is a party or a wedding you have to attend, having a dazzling clutch to hold on your cocktail dresses or traditional wear is a must. Accentuate the look of your dressy ensembles by simply topping it up with an exceptional clutch. You can pick a stunning one at www.baggit.com


Sometimes, all it takes is accessorizing! Having a gorgeous necklace set, a piece of chunky hand jewelry and statement earrings is all you need to oomph the look of your outfits. Play around to wear these in different ways and make the best of your clothing’s. Get your style on, pretties!

Pair of Colored Pumps

Having a pair of Black pumps is oh-so-boring! Get funky and add color to your life by owning a pair of bright, colored pumps. Eye-catchy and bold, this pair will take you from day to night and is sure to bring a glow to your entire look. Also, make sure to pick a comfortable pair when buying your very own. Pick the best one, even if it requires you to put in some extra bucks. It will totally be worth it!

A little Black Dress

Can’t seem to figure out what to wear? Let the LBD come to your rescue! Your wardrobe is absolutely incomplete without the Little Black Dress. If you don’t own one, get your pair today. Make sure it should be ravishing, yet elegant; the perfect one that will accentuate your curves and hide your flaws. Wear it to work with a cardigan and then to that party in the evening with the right accessories. Pick out one that fits you right and makes you look fabulous.

Blue denims and a Crisp white shirt

Having a pair of well-fitted blue denims and a crisp white shirt is a must. Pick up one that will flatter and highlight your best assets and features. Figure out the right denim/shirt cut, meant for your body type. Pretties, you can never go wrong with the blue denims and a white shirt look- clean and classy!

A Classic Tote Bag        

Every girl needs a tote bag to carry along her entire world. A classic black one that can be carried to work or even on your travel trips is a must. Pick your favorite from a wide range of bags available a click away at www.baggit.com  Get yours!

A Scarf          

Quite versatile, wear it in different ways for a look! Make sure you stock up your wardrobe with a bunch of printed scarfs. Scarfs are a lovely way to bring out the best of your monochrome, subtle outfits. Put on that plain black/white tee and team it with a scarf for a classy look.

A Black Jacket

Jackets and scarfs are the best requisites to layer up in style! Every girl requires a black jacket for that extraordinary look. Show off your classy style by teaming a pair of blue denims, a white t-shirt and a black blazer. You will absolutely fall in love with this sophisticated look. Make buying a decent, well-fitted blazer at the top of your to-do list today!

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