Tote it Around Everywhere, in Style!

A universal bag design for women that will never go out of style is the quintessential-Tote Bag! Whether you are travelling to work, to the beach, shopping, on a vacation or simply when you are meeting your friends, the tote bag has always been the chic companion you always desired. Something you pretties will agree.Built for durability, tote bags are the perfect choice to hold your never-ending list of essentials. A functional and fashionable accessory, this handbag style comes in different shapes and sizes. Choose the one that suits your style and personality to carry your extra clothes, sports essentials, books, travel requisites, and even your wallet to stay well-equipped when on the go.

Depending on the occasion, there are a variety of tote bags in special materials and features available for the modern you. Here, we have listed out a few places you can carry around your tote bags and some styling tips:

Tote it to the BEACH! Stay Easy Breezy along the shore carrying tote bags, made from cane, canvas, or the transparent material, as they are perfect to suit the environment and water. Slip on those pair of shorts, a loose crop top, flip-flops and tote around your stuff required for a fun day. Simple and stylish, pick out one in a vibrant colour and size to throw in that extra pair of clothes and a sandwich you would need after a tiring swim!

Tote it to your TRAVEL destinations! Vacation time is around the corner and what is a travel trip without a fabulous tote bag? Make sure to pick a sturdy, luxurious one that offers enough space and security compartments to hold your travel items and extras as well. Pair that pair of denims, a trenchcoat, boots and a gorgeous bag to complement your style.

Tote it the MINIATURE way! Mini totes are quite the trend this year and a popular fashion requisite. In a plethora of designs, these totes are perfect when you want to cut down on the unnecessary baggage and travel light. With either small handles or long, carry this on your wrist for an elegant look.

Tote it to the GYM! Get sporty and adventurous with tote bags in nylon material, that is durable and spacious to hold your sports gears, clothes, water bottle and much more. Make working out a stylish affair…

Tote it to the MALL! Shopping is incomplete with a large tote bag to hold it all, literally. Pick a huge tote bag, made from nylon material that will house you shopped items the fashionable way. Shopping for groceries can get stylish too…

Tote it to WORK! Well-structured and smart, tote bags for work have to look classy and stylish enough to make an impression. Nail your office look right with a #totebag that will have people complement your fashion sense. May you need to carry your laptop safely, travel totes with a special protective compartment is the best choice. Ditch the neutrals and play bold with coloured work tote bags, this season. Experiment, and get innovative..

Fashionistas, browse through a variety of tote bag options from leading handbag brand, Baggit available at their Exclusive Stores and even Online at Get a look and be spoilt for a variety of options!

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