Five Quintessential Items in Your Bag

A few items are never enough for a girl, we all agree, but having the basics is most vital. No matter wherever you decide to travel, you got to possess the necessities- your keys, phone, ID card, a book and a lot more. From all the stuff you carry, below we have enlisted the five top most handbag essentials you ought to have in your bag, nevertheless. Get a look!

A Signature Lipstick

Make sure to carry an emergency lipstick (the shade of your choice) always, you never know when you have to look your glamorous self. Girls, this is a must-have item that will come handy when you have an impromptu after-hours party to attend and a gorgeous lip-color will do the trick.

Your go-to perfume

Well, no one would want to meet or greet you if you smell bad.Make sure to not leave the house without a travel-size perfume, especially if you are the person who is always on the go. Smell good 24/7 with this vital item in your bag

A Chic Wallet

Your wallet is the most important of all as it holds your money, credit/debit/visiting cards, along with your ID card, coins etc., so make sure it’s a functional and stylish one. The wallet you carry must compliment your style and personality. Pick the right one! If you wish, choose from a wide variety of options at

Powder Compact

Yes, you do need to keep a check on yourself always; this is one item on the list that will do the beauty trick. Having this will keep you looking beautiful for the entire day and leave you happy, even after the crazy long hours at work.


Sunglasses and scarfs! What a stylish way to beat the heat and look super cool! Carry these with you to avoid the pollution and the sun glaring right into your eyes. Stay well-protected, fashionistas!

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