Break all Fashion Myths!!!

Fashion is all about taking the risk, experimenting, mixing and matching and most of all being comfortable with what you wear. Below have listed a few fashion myths that should be busted for all the right reasons. Get a look and swear to be different, fashionistas!

Fashion Myth: It is boring to carry off an all-black ensemble

Fashion Fact: On the contrary, the colour black can flatter any body type and if teamed with the right accessories can create a striking, ebony look. Carry off a bright bag, a bold lip colour, bold pumps or chunky, coloured jewelry to pump up the look of this mundane hue.

Fashion Myth: Tall Women should not wear high heels

Fashion Fact: Looking tall might be one reason girls wear heels, but it isn’t the only one. Heels give you a good posture and improve your gait, adding a little strut to your walk. Besides, what a classy way to oomph the look of your overall utfits with heels, we all agree! So, all the tall ladies out there don’t shun those heels for way!

Fashion Myth: Wear sequins only to an after-hours party

Fashion Fact: I don’t think so! At first, sequins have made a fashion comeback and it can be worn for a day-event and after-hours too. Include sparkle to your day look by teaming your regular/casualwear with a sequined blazer and night party get-up, wearing an all-sequined dress.

Fashion Myth: Short Women must not wear long dresses

Fashion Fact: Long dresses can build an illusion of a taller frame for petite girls, giving them a winning look. Make sure to pair your maxi dress with a pair of heels to complete the ensemble.

Fashion Myth: Never clash two bold colours

Fashion Fact: We say make a vibrant statement with the right mix of two bold colours that complement each other. It is a challenge to get the look right, but once you do, get people complimenting for your edgy style. Make sure you don’t mix too many colours at once. Go crazy and have fun with the right fusion of hues!


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