Change your Mood and Attitude with Mellow Colour Palettes

Colors can be a brilliant tool to reduce the level of stress and bring in a sense of calmness. Consumers are moving towards implementing certain colours in their wardrobe from which they can seek mindfulness and solace.

Therefore, fashionistas get over and done with the bold, yet classy Marsala (burgundy), 2015’s big colour trend and move on to something pretty and softer this New Year. Pantone announces the colour of 2016 that everyone will appreciate. The company usually predicts one shade every year that will be in vogue over the next 12 months, but for the first time this year the company has chosen two subtle shades-Rose Quartz and Serenity.

The colours Rose Quartz and Serenity have proved excellent to alleviate the day-to-day stress of life. Conveying kindness and a sense of tranquility, Rose Quartz is an impressive, yet gentle tone that is here to make a statement. Serenity the other shade is buoyant, yet lively just like the stretch of the blue sky above us, that bring feelings of relaxation and refreshment, even in the most difficult moments. The fusion of both colours reflects connection and well-being, as well as a sense of peace, because of the innate balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the tranquil baby blue tone. The colours have been meticulously selected keeping the expression of a mood with an attitude, and the symbolic value in mind.

Today, the blurring lines of gender in fashion and beyond, has led to the choice of these shades. But, whatever the reason maybe, girls and boys gear up for the perfect pastel shade handbags in 2016, as spring collections hit the shelves.

We @Baggit have selected a few bags that are reflective of these two shades. Visit any Baggit Exclusive Store or simply get and bag one of yours to stay in trend and look your fashion best. Bring peacefulness and relaxation into your life with the integration of these two colours in your wardrobe.



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