Gentlemen, nail the Office Look with Baggit!

What you wear does have an influence on others. And when you dress up for work, picking out the right clothing and accessories make sense. Boys, give your professional career a boost by dressing sharp and staying well-groomed always. Get rid of those wrinkled denims and t-shirts, outdated shoes and bags and replace them with something classy, yet fashionable.

Update your 9 to 5 wardrobe with the latest styles and wardrobe essentials for work, especially this cruelty-free, blue messenger/laptop bag from #Baggit. This one is sure to elevate your work ensemble and earn you the title of ‘the best dressed man’ at your work place. Wouldn’t you love that?

What’s hot is this stylish, work look put together for all the men to feel confident. Wear a crisp white shirt – the main essential of every man’s closet with a pair of cufflinks, slip on a pair of navy blue trousers and a well-tailored, two-button navy blue coat to accentuate your lean body. Team a solid-colour tie, a pocket square, a watch on your wrist and well-swept hair. Lace-ups are always office-appropriate and a classic. A blue #messengerbag from #Baggit is what you need to complement the overall smart look. Travel with all your essentials-papers, files, and your #laptop to work, and let sophistication ooze out in style. Get all your clients to notice, colleagues to complement and your boss to appreciate your fab sense of style.

Leave a lasting impression at work and after-hours. Simply take off your coat and tie, roll up the sleeves of your shirt, with the #messengerbag on your shoulder and a bouquet of flowers in the other for a semi-casual feel when you plan to surprise your loved one.

Baggit has totally nailed the suave, work look for all the men – from grabbing a quick coffee and heading out for a meeting to an after-hours meet-up with friends & loved ones. In the most dapper attire, capture the fun moments with your loved one in a photograph and post it on Baggit Facebook Page with a captivating caption.  The winner couple of maximum likes gets an exclusive shoot done with Baggit model and be featured in lookbook. Also, get personalized Baggit wallets for you and your love.  What are you waiting for?

Visit Baggit Facebook Page for more details on the contest. Valid till 21stFeb,2016. Hurry!!!

To pick up this bag visit any Exclusive Baggit Store or


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