Trend Alert: Tassels

We see it on bags, shoes, tops, dresses, belts, necklaces, bracelets, coats and much more.. Let’s face it that the tassel trend is here to stay! Whether it is on clothes or accessories, #tassels have the charming power of looking sassy, trendy and versatile.

What’s trending in the fashion world are different bag silhouettes incorporated with tassels in interesting new ways. Have you got yours yet? If not, pick a fancy one to add a chic element to your attires and flaunt this trend the fashionable way!

Substantial tassels covers bag surfaces and knotted fringes portray a crafty appearance. Tassels add drama and sophistication to a variety of handbag styles. Quite a huge hit in the fashion world, fashionistas, rock the boho-inspired tassel trend in style with a lovely blue #totebag from #Baggit on your shoulder. Made of quality, non-leather smooth material, the bag in a trendy color assures robustness and its simple design with tassel accents on the front adds to the overall design. Pair this on your distressed jeans, a plain shirt and slip on those black boots. The hip way to accentuate your look with a tassel handbag and make a bold statement!

A must-have this season, bright and colorful tassel accented bags or clutches add a fun summertime feel to your attire. Allow it move, tassel and dance on your clothes, accessories or bags and let the world compliment you for your fabulous styling sense. Sure to make a statement and something that will blend into any look or style, this is the easiest trend to follow. Go grab that tasseled bag!

The stylish tasseled #totebag from #Baggit is available at Baggit store or


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