Participate and stand a chance to win Baggit Trunk Full of Happiness


A fun contest that can fetch you something exciting

Fashionistas, imagine having a stock of fashion accessories for the entire year to stay trendy and stylish. Liking the thought? If yes, fashion bags and accessories brand, Baggit has an interesting ‘Guess the Mood’ contest that could win you a “Fashion Trunk” with gorgeous bags and purses.

Whether it is playing wicked, feisty, confident or more women are quite expressive.We @Baggit are celebrating the spirit of womanhood and the different moods thatwomen portray in their lives. These moods are depicted by contemporary women in Baggit videos that are played in Baggit stores and also @Facebook and @You-tube channels of Baggit.

To participate in the contest, all you have to do is visit Baggit Exclusive store and identify the mood of the women shown in the videos, running on the television screen of the store. Select and SMS the right answer along with few personal details. In response, consumer is eligible for a real-time SMS for an instant gratification.

The men out there Baggit believes that the women in your life certainly deserve to be loved and pampered. Be it your better half, mother, grandmother, teacher, sister, daughter or even your girlfriend. Make these days an opportunity to salute the indomitable, multi-faceted spirit that women continuously display and make them feel extra special, by identifying her mood and try winning a special Fashion Trunk full of goodies and happiness.

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