Baggit makes Summer Fashion look Trendy and Chic!


Battle this summer’s heat waves with the season’s stylish fashionrequisites- dresses, shorts, flowy tops, sandals, flip-flops, vibrant bags, sunglasses and all the other essentials to stay cool! Handbag and accessories brand, Baggit has introduced this stylish 70s-inspired #saddlebag adorned with a cute fringe accent to compliment that boho-inspired look the brand has created to flaunt in this sunny weather.

When we think of summer, clothing’s with rising hemlines and bags in vibrant colours are the only things that are on our minds.And staying ahead of the latest trends is something we always wish as the seasons change. Capture SS ’16 hottest trend – the 70s fashion essence beautifully holding the traditional saddlebag and be the one always updated with the current trends. In a classic moon shape with curved edges, make an impression with this bag style by incorporating it in your summer looks, just like Baggit.

Style this vibrant and trendy bag, made from cruelty-free material as a shoulder bag with a mini white, belled-sleeve dress, a pair of beige gladiators, sunglasses on, braid your hair well with a simple headgear for a boho-chic feel and create a sassy look that could kill. Get ready and set to be complimented for your excellentfashion sense.

For every trendsetter in town, #Baggit has fashioned this pretty look to get your styling right this season. Add this amazing number to your ensemble to bring out a relaxed vibe and carefree attitude as you strut around town. To pick this fashionable bag, make sure to visit Baggit Exclusive Stores or TODAY!

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