Celebrate Planet Earth with Baggit!


Sustainable fashion is a lot sassier than conventional fashion, we think so! And what better way to contribute towards the well-being of the environment than through fashion 🙂

Planet earth needs us and since World Earth Day is approaching, we have to remind ourselves of involving in ways to support ecological causes. Fashionistas, this eco-conscious day, your favourite bag and accessories brand, Baggit is doing their bit to give back to the planet and is contributing towards making the world a better place to live in. The brand has been implementing the three R’s- reduce, reuse, and recycle when creating most of their handbags, all for the love of nature. Isn’t it amazing?

Baggit is committed to a philosophy of ‘beauty without cruelty’ and being ‘environmentally friendly’. The brand specializes in using traditional handicraft skills and through sustainable manufacturing processes to create modern designs with non-leather materials that are environmental friendly. Since Baggit does not make use of animal products, the large amounts of chemicals needed to treat leather hides is completely avoided; also, less harmful byproducts are produced during their manufacturing processes as well.

Also, as most of the materials used are high-quality and recyclable, a lot of energy is saved and carbon footprint is reduced, directly benefiting the environment. In a way, Baggit is doing their bit to contribute towards saving Planet Earth and hopes you do your bit too.

Celebrate a greener and sustainable lifestyle this World Earth Day with the brand in the most eco-friendly way you can think of, from recycling your clothes, handbags to planting a sapling. Whatever it is, make sure to do your bit and also create awareness to preserve the environment. Baggit supports you in all your efforts to save Mother Earth. Go make your life more environmentally-friendly!


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