When the Weekend gets Fun and Stylish!

Catching up with everyday to-dos, checking e-mails, meetings with clients, and a lot more responsibilities that come our way (sigh) work can get quite hectic during the week. And all we yearn for is the weekend to come closer, don’t we? The weekends on which we can get away, do something exciting with our friends, family to get us charged up and feel rejuvenated for the next working week. We @ Baggit understand how monotonous the week can get and has created the perfect weekend plan just for you while staying irresistibly fashionable. How cool!

Read ahead for the brand’s fantastic, yet stylish weekend plan 🙂

Fri-YAY Friday

Let’s welcome the weekend with a bang and in style! Since it’s the last day of the week, make sure to select a popular party venue to embrace an exciting weekend and bid adieu to a hectic week. Which means you need to look and feel good and more importantly, have fun in a party. Fashionistas, make a striking entrance and be the center of attention wearing a V-neck gold dress, a pair of sky high pumps and this maroon #Baggit #clutch for an extra dose of glamour. Keep the hair sleek and the make up pretty and not too heavy, don’t forget to add a smear of strong red lip colour for an exquisite get-up. Dance the night away looking your best.. 

Saturday Girls Day Out

After an amazing after-hours party, getting all the rest you need is expected. Wake up late and plan an amazing day out shopping or a lunch date with your girlfriends. A day out with your buddies can be stylish, yet fun. To complement the weather and mood, keep your look light and relaxed. Opt for distressed blue jeans, a basic white tee, a printed scarf, white sneakers and this really cute #minislingbag from #Baggit to hold your miniature essentials- mobile, car keys, cash, just what you need when you want to get past the day.


Savory Sunday Brunch  

Whatever the weekend occasion, a great outfit should always be a part of you. End the weekend with a lovely brunch and look forward to enjoying tasty casseroles, cinnamon rolls, hash browns, salads and pancakes in a killer outfit. Go for a chic look – Wear a floral printed dress, a pair of wedges and this maroon #Baggit #satchel on your shoulder or wrist to add a sophisticated twist to your ensemble. This bag will take you through your lazy day stylishly. With a well brewed coffee in hand, look stunningly pretty at that brunch party this Sunday!

Pick up your Friday after-hours, Saturday girl’s day out and Sunday brunch handbags at any Exclusive Baggit stores and online at baggit.com


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