Do you know your Bag?


So, you like a handbag at the store and you start to use it. The handles, compartments, size and silhouette might fancy you, but you are clueless about the style. Kind of not cool. At #Baggit, we feel your handbag is a part of you and knowing it well is indispensable. We have shortlisted five handbag silhouettes that you might have in your closet, but are oblivious of their style names. Fret not! We have described a few handbag silhouettes to make it easy for your understanding. Are you ready to know your handbag well?

Below are some of the silhouettes you need to know beauties..

North South Silhouette

Do you have a bag that is taller and slimmer, the one that stretches in the north-south direction? Well, you are a proud owner of the north-south silhouette handbag. Another directional handbag that’s doing the round in the fashion circuit is the east-west direction bags. These are wider and stretch from east to west. Head in the right direction with the north-south and east-west direction handbags! Shop Here :


Baguette Silhouette

Have you ever tried the narrow stick loaf called a “baguette” the French devour for breakfast? If not, we are sure you might have at least had a glimpse of the crusty, slender bread in the movies. Well, the baguette silhouette is inspired by the bread loaf and hence, the name given to the handbag silhouette. This handbag style was made famous by the ever-so-stylish Sarah Jessica Parker on her famous show “Sex and the City”. Baggit gives you a chance to own a chic version of the “It” bag with their #baguettebags. Time to get your celebrity style on! Shop Here :


Saddle Silhouette

Inspired by the seat of a horse rider, the #saddlebag silhouette has derived its name. Bags with classic moon shapes and curved edges are prominent features of this equestrian-style sling bag. With simple fastenings and strong shoulder straps, many catwalk shows have been making the most this silhouette. Capture the 70s fashion essence beautifully with a saddle bag that is seen in a variety of styles and colours today. Shop Here :


Accordion Silhouette

It’s a stylish musical affair! Inspired by the bellows of the #accordion, this bag silhouette with well gusseted sections at the sides add an element of practicality. With more of a daytime feel, these bags are usually seen as functional briefcases and structured handbags. Featuring a combination of top handles and long shoulder straps, they are both spacious and easy to carry. Shop Here:

Bowler Silhouette  

The #bowlerbag got its name from the American bags used to carry bowling balls. A popular 90s “retro” style that are wider at the base and tapering towards the top. The top part of the bag can either form an arc, dome, or is slightly more squarish in shape. The very instant you see these features in a bag, you now know what it is called! Shop Here :


The next time someone compliments your bag, besides the usual ‘Thank you’, act like a true style diva and speak confidently about the style and how much you adore carrying it. Be the new fashion maven in town..

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