Celebrating a working woman’s expressive mornings

“Oh my…it was just a dream,” she smiles from beneath the blanket and pops out of bed like a spring recoiling for the first time. As she gathers herself, her mind wanders over to the bad day that she had at office yesterday but…

She knows she has to move on

It is not the first time her boss did not like something she had proposed. Her idea was good but her boss couldn’t wrap his head around it.My job is to come up with ideas and I will keep on doing that, she thinks, sipping on her morning cup of green tea. The tea is consumed and now, it’s time for the thing she likes the most – workout.

Workout, check. Grooming, check. Breakfast, check. And as she stands in front of her closet, her mind crawls back again to the gloomy day up ahead of her.  She moves her hand back and forth between her least and most favorite attires. Time is running out but…

The decision is already made

She goes for her colourful favorite, one that she wears on her most joyous of days. She understands the effect her attire can have on her mood and chooses the best one she possibly can. She teams it up with a matching bag and her go-to accessories, and she is ready to take on the world in style.

Finally, it is time to plan the day before she leaves for office. She sits down, gathers her concentration and lists down everything the day has in store for her. She prioritizes the items on the list and is all set to face the challenges head on. She knows that if she has to make it big, she has to be prepared.

Her ambitions push her to be prepared, every single time

And just like every day, with a gleaming smile on her face and goals in her adorable heart, she steps out of her house holding a bag full of desires.

How do you start your day? If any of the above expressions – moving on, making decisions and striving for your goals – are part of your day, do comment and we will let the world know.

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