Love, but Love Yourself More, a Teenage Girl’s Mantra for Life


“Mumma! The day was good. Nothing special!” She spoke like she was still her mother’s 10-year-old pampered girl.

“Nothing special? Not even a bit?” The reply came from the other side of the phone. She knew her mother was smiling that wicked smile, the one that she would always wear when she caught her.

“Mumma! Please!” She said, thinking about the cute guy that showed interest in her at college earlier that day.

“Okay. Suit yourself. Don’t tell me.”

“Yes. Much better. I will get going now. Need to hurry for the fresher’s party,” she said and disconnected the call. She was almost blushing as she did and had just one thought on her mind…

I won’t hesitate this time

Yes, the guy was cute and our girl had decided to take the next step. Some chemistry was clearly visible between them and she had every intention of making the most of it. So now, there was one more reason to look her best at the party, and that too, a very important one.

With a confused smile on her face, she removed a black tube dress from the wardrobe. This was the thirteenth dress that she was going to try out. Maybe, he would like this one.

And then something unexpected happened, she pushed it back in and corrected herself. Even if it means that he would not like me…

I would prefer being myself

And she was spot on. In a world where everyone’s trying to be someone else or please someone else, being yourself is the best thing that any person can do. Today’s woman is free-spirited. She will always try her best but mind you, she will also ensure that she is being herself while doing that.

If you can relate to this fabulous feeling of being yourself, do comment and help us spread it far and wide.


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