Day In and Day Out, Mothers Give it all for their Kids


“The breakfast is yummy!” The kid exclaimed as he nodded with content.

“Really!” The mother said. She had not completed her breakfast but her heart was already full. She didn’t hear her little boy compliment her food very often, but every time he did, she felt a sense of immense gratification.

“You liked it?” She inquired looking towards her husband, who was staring into his mobile phone.

“Yes, dear. As always, it is very good,” He said with a smile on his face, but it was not the usual one. Something was wrong and she had guessed it.

“All okay?”

‘’No! Actually an urgent meeting has popped up just now, and I need to hurry for office.”

“What about the meeting with Aryan’s teacher?” She inquired. The kid’s school teacher had called up yesterday and requested for a meeting. Everything was going as per plan. However, now, with an hour left and her husband not available, the meeting looked cancelled at the best.

“I am sorry, honey. I really need to go. Please manage this…my job is on the line.” He said, grabbed his bag and ran towards the door.

“But,” before she could squeeze in her words, he was gone.

She looked back at Aryan, who was fearfully staring back towards her. Afraid of the scolding his teacher would unleash, his little eyes were already moist. But…

Our housewife was up for the challenge


She had never attended any of the meetings at school. Her husband always did that but today was her test. She was nervous but she was not going to back down to the challenge.

“Don’t worry! Give me 20 minutes. Today, I will come with you,” She said and hurried towards the bedroom. She quickly located the only formal attire she owned and began matching it with her bags. And just like she had found her confidence in her kid’s unshed tears, the match was also soon found.


We are sure that even you have made decisions like this when it comes to your kids. Please comment and let the world know that resilience it not just a word but it is an attitude that drives you.



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