Time to Infuse some Colours into your Wardrobe, Girl!

You know what’s a complete no-no this summer? Yes, dating the wrong guy definitely is but there is something else as well. Something related to your ensemble. Yes, girl, you have guessed it correctly. We are referring to those same old boring colours.

This summer, pack your wardrobe with some new, tangy colours and get ready to sizzle. If you haven’t done it already, then we recommend that you don’t wait anymore. Because the heat is at its scorching peak and so should be your colours. However, if you are unsure on which colours to go for and which to reject, don’t you worry, dear! Here are two colours that we at Baggit think will definitely help you to oomph up the heat.


Yes, it was the color of the 90s but it is back and that too with an orange-y bang. You might have heard that red is the colour that men dig on a woman but trust us orange is a lot more fun. Printed or plain, orange outfits can lift a woman like nothing else. And the best part is that it goes with a host of other colours. If you don’t want to go orange with your attire, how about accessories? Also, if you are bag person, which we guess all women are, there is no better way to make a statement than with an expressive orange hand bag!

Navy Blue

Find us a true fashionista who doesn’t have navy in her closet and we will find you a blue unicorn. Yes, navy blue is the new black! However, it is far less harsh than black and even more sophisticated, so much so that everything looks good in navy. So, we have got a recommendation for you and it is quite simple. Load your collection with clothes and accessories that are adorned with this classic yet sharp colour and wrap yourself in expensive-looking glory.


Convinced? You will definitely be when you get complimented for your awesome choice of colours. And we bet that you will love it!

If you fancy another colour or even a different shade, we would be more than pleased to know about it. Do comment and let us have a peek into your style secrets.












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