Complex Inside, Cool on the Outside, she is a poetry of contrasts!


Be it a college test or an office presentation, today’s girl very frequently finds herself in situations that call for an extra push. Though she loves these challenges and is always up for it, they definitely drain her emotionally. She might as well be restless during such daunting occasions. But, if you know our super girl well enough, you might also know that she is more like an iceberg. No matter what her mental psyche is, how deep her problems are, on the outside, she will always remain cool and composed.

You take a glance at her and you might see that bubbly, chirpy girl. Everyone loves her for that whiff of freshness she brings to any occasion. Yes, she might also come across as an epitome of sophistication. But you will need to run an extra mile to know what brews in that pretty head of hers. And when you do, you will understand the race that she is running and the million sacrifices she makes to stay on track. And we bet you will be awestruck!

Staying cool will always be in style but being yourself is also equally important. So, listen all you dearies, you need a way to vent it out. And what better way to display your inner self than through your attire. Throw in a bit of colours, spice it up with some trendy accessories and go for a bag which helps you traverse those unexplored fashion arenas. And above all, don’t be scared to experiment with your look as it expresses who you truly are deep within.

If ‘dress to express’ is your style mantra too, then do leave a comment and let your sweethearts know. Finally, always remember, cool is the new hot!



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