Today’s Girl is a fighter!


Look around and you will notice that we are busy caught up in a reactive culture, one where situations determine expressions. When the sun’s shining down, you just can’t stop smiling. You are oozing with confidence. You feel that you can take on the world. But the moment the clouds swarm in, you begin to feel a sense of unease building up. And even before you can notice, you begin to crumble. Some even give up as the first signs of adversity begin to show. But today’s ideal girl is the exact opposite.

Smiling or frowning, she will not let the situation get the better of her. Be it with troublesome tears in her eyes or the million-dollar smile on her face, she will face whatever life throws at her. She knows that the highs and the lows both are vital to the magical symphony of life and so she tries to learn from every occasion. Yes, there will be situations that make her sad, but she won’t give up that is for sure. She will never hide!

There are goals to be achieved and unknown horizons to be explored. She knows that hiding won’t take her there. Though just an inch at a time, she will keep moving forward. It might be dark now, but soon she will be rewarded for her grit. And once that is done, she will eagerly await her new challenge.

Pain is temporary, but if you give up, it will last forever

Remember this, girls! And the next time you feel like giving up, look at yourself in the mirror. You will see a warrior princess staring back at you!

So, what keeps you going when it gets tough? Do share your experiences and help us motivate others.


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