What Fires her up is her Enthusiasm and love for Fashion!

If only I get “That” and achieve “This”, life is going to be super amazing.  We are sure most of you might relate to this thought, but honestly what fun when you just stop at those specifics? Boring! Boring!


Hats off to the women of today, she knows what she wants and possesses the attitude of “it didn’t work out, so what?” I am going to move ahead, explore other options and give it my best. Life is not a destination after all, it’s a journey that needs to be cherished all along the way. She plays her game to throw back at life with attitude and poise. We love the spirit of such women who get past those unambiguous needs, and generate that fire in their belly to explore life to its fullest. You Go Girl!


Okay, enough of life talks already, but let’s get to the interesting part – the concoction of life and fashion. What truly adds pizzazz to a woman’s life and that determined personality of hers is something highly fashionable and trendy. Don’t you think? Let it be her apparel or accessories-a fedora, a belt, a handbag, just that one item is what it takes to bring out the best of her true self and moods.


This season, feel free to explore and don’t hesitate to share your experiences with us; we’d really love to be a part J Whether it’s in your travel expeditions, career, personal or fashion choices…we know life does not stop, nor does the urge to experiment and stay modish.


Forts are splendid, but let’s go scuba-diving!

Without a second thought, she says yes to her friends for a holiday in Goa during the weekend. Next day, she quickly slips into her hot shorts, a tank top, slings a bag across her body and is off for her trip. An incredible place, looking good is never an alternative! Brave, independent and fun, she does not limit herself to sightseeing, but is ready to look into adventure, water sports and other activities as well..We love her carefree outlook!


Who needs rest?! Life is a race!

Back from her expedition, she is all charged up for a fruitful working week. With a crisp white shirt on, a pencil skirt, stilettoes, well swept hair and a chic bag on her arm, she is ready to impress with her polished look and strive hard to achieve her professional goals. Confidence and persistence pushes her to move ahead and beyond in her corporate career.  We adore her grit!


I love my work, but family & friends matter too!

Life does not stop at travel and work, she is capable of doing more and fulfills her other responsibilities as well, family, kids, in-laws and so much more, while staying exceptionally stylish. Whatever it is, she is always geared up for anything that comes her way. Truly admirable!


So, what are you waiting for? Pretties all over the world, get set and ready to flaunt women power and tell world what you are made of



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