Fathers are the World’s Best!!!

“Twins it is!” A girl and boy! The doctor announced to the father waiting outside the delivery room. The thought of raising two cute kids who would eventually turn out mischievous scared him a little at first, the nappies, the bottles, the sleepless nights, the tantrums, dealing with their teenage behavior, he wondered how in the world he would be able to manage and raise two babies. A little nervous, but still extremely delighted from within, he rushed towards the doctor and hugged him tight. He had become a father that day. As he held them both in his hands, he knew that he had to be the “World’s Best Dad” and he indeed was!

Taking time off from his busy work schedules, he made sure to play ball with his son and enact his daughter’s guest during the tea party, doll house sessions. He would fix an hour slot after work to play video games with his children. With a video camera in his hand, he would never fail to capture the beautiful moments on stage and at soccer practice. Apart from the fun sessions, he stood by them all through their career and life goal decisions as they grew up. A fancy vacation and an adventurous trip would always be on his priority list every year. After all, that’s when he could spend maximum amount of time with them and his beautiful wife. He did his best and made sure to make himself available to both whenever possible.

Tough as he portrayed himself to be, he encouraged them to take risks, explore more surroundings, to be confident in any situation, and advised each to overcome any obstacle that life would throw at them. His values and teachings made what his children are today- strong, independent and successful. To show all their love and affection, his kids, all grown up decided to give back to him and what better day to do so than Father’s Day they thought!

After his long morning walk, the father came home to four air tickets to Spain and a well wrapped, exquisite travel wallet, and a small note that read “A very special gift that will tag along with you and remind you of all the travel trips we have had so far. Thank you Daddy for being there always!”

It is usually said that the mother-child bond is the most important one in a kid’s life. It might be, but so is the bond a father shares with his child. We are sure your dad is special to you in your own way. Take this day to recognize and praise your dad for being there, teaching some vital life lessons and for making you an awesome person you are today. This Father’s Day, make your Daddy Dearest feel extra special and let him feel on top of the world with an awesome gift he will cherish forever.

Dedicating this post to all the best fathers all over; life would not have been disciplined, yet fun if you were not around. Folks, whatever you have decided for your beloved father, we hope you create many more sweet memories with him. He deserves it!

Wishing all the loving Fathers a Very Happy Father’s Day!

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