Women and their evolving Style!


Gone are the days when women bound to their homes and a large segment they lacked the necessary education. Today it is great to see them turning tables in the recent years. Situations have changed; in today’s society where women are developing the keenness to learn and explore more and aspire to be economically independent, while managing their household skillfully. Hats off to their enthusiasm and managing ability!

Versatile as they are, women are enjoying the freedom to choose what they want. There’s no stop to the zest they possess for life. Whatever it is, they are always geared up for anything that comes their way. And as they move ahead and struggle to make a mark for themselves in society, fashion is one space they would not compromise on. Why should they anyway!

Depending on their responsibilities and the various roles they play, their apparel and handbag preferences varies, which of course differs from segment to segment. From being a college going girl to a professional at work to fulfilling the role of a mother, she evolves gracefully and in style.

The Fun College Girl

As a student, her world revolves around seeking style and staying on trend. She knows fun backpacks and sling bags in vibrant colors and trendy silhouettes are perfect to match that youthful character of hers. And also these bag styles would be convenient, yet sassy options to carry the books, papers and other basic essentials

panther blue.jpeg

The Enthusiastic Intern

She has just started her professional career and is in the phase of being diligent and seeking self-approval from her directors. She selects a sophisticated, yet classy satchel with provision for the laptop/tablet/IPad and other work essentials. She knows that this handbag style will be office appropriate and perfect to make a remarkable impression amongst the peer group at work. (laptop bag)


The Professional Woman

A working woman with 1-2 decade of experience is an achiever and independent, usually requires something compact like the handcarry in earthy tones to create a look for herself and have her own identity in society. She likes it subtle, and attractive to suit her confident image. (structured bag)


The Stylish Mother

The housemaker on the other hand, who is a multi-tasker and still desires to look cool opts for a spacious tote bag to carry her entire world. She knows that such a bag will help her travel conveniently while juggling with daily chores.  (spacious tote bag)


The Party Girl

A little party never killed nobody! Every woman deserves to let loose after her hectic schedules and the most stylish way to do so is with a glitzy clutch. A fabulous way to look exquisite and chic! (clutch)


Just a little recommendation, the bag-on-bag trend is great for any set of women to flaunt; simply clip on a pouch to your bags to carry the extra miniature essentials you require while managing so much. Stay stylish divas and always feel free to select what you feel most comfortable in!



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