Make your Monsoon Fashionable and Fun!


The gloomy weather and the worries that come along with it can totally ruin your happiness. But, looking on the bright side fashion is one space that can turn those mundane monsoon days to exciting ones. We all know it that irrespective of our mixed feeling towards the rains, it will pour anyway, so why not just make the most of it the fun and fashionable way! Let’s not give the monsoons reasons for us to sulk in and not do something interesting. Just a few quick fixes, and you will start to love everything about the rains.

What every fashion blog will tell you is to stock your wardrobe with the must-haves this monsoon- gumboots, umbrella and a nylon bag, but picking the right and sassy ones this season makes more sense. It’s all about raising the style quotient this season and staying in high spirits!! Just keep the following in mind as you sail past the monsoon season smoothly….

Repel Rain in Style

Opt for a pretty umbrella or a bright hued rain coat to beat the gloomy weather. Those transparent ones available in lovely colours are stylish too. With the variety of prints available in the market, right from the polka dot ones to the checkered, pick one that suits your style.

Color yourself Bright

The dull, monsoon weather can put you down. Why should it?! Simply add a pop of bright colours to your wardrobe, let it be your accessories, clothes, handbag or footwear. Allow vibrant shades to brighten up your days and mood in a jiffy. Staying cheerful this season ought to be in your priority list.

Happy Feet, Happy You

Make sure to keep your feet clean and dry this season. A quick visit to the parlor for a mani and pedi will work great for you and what better way to keep them neat and tidy than with a pair of funky, printed gumboots that are so much in trend now. Don’t hesitate to splash some water with your stylish booties on! Stock up a pair of flip-flops too, just when your feet need breathing.

Shrinking hemlines are great

Keep your denims aside for some time now. Try trousers or pants that are light in weight this season. Dresses and pants with short hemlines are apt options to carry off. Avoid the hassle of folding your pants every time you decide to head out or the nuisance of water soaked bottoms.

Nylons for safety

We know how precious is everything you carry in that bag of yours while travelling and this season, you cannot afford the rains to ruin anything in there. Especially your electronic gadgets! Get yourself a gorgeous-looking nylon bag that will take you through an entire day safely and in style. The trendy options available will enthrall you!

Pretties, if you have not started your monsoon shopping yet, get out of your homes now.  You have some serious shopping to do. Don’t just settle for simple, take some pains and look for something that is rain-friendly and complements your style, and personality as well. And since it’s the sale season, don’t let the rains stop you from buying the best from your favorite brand this season. Look your pretty best always!Untitled-3

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