When Unique gets Stylish!!!


You never know, after you have read this you might want to break free from being a typical dresser to a unique one.

You would have already noticed the one thing that sets apart, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor or Hollywood singer Sia’s style from others are their extraordinary dressing sense and hairstyle individually. Not everyone may be able to carry it off, but their uniqueness is what grabs them all the attention and recognition. The whole point is why carry or wear the usual, when you can have something extraordinary to stand out. Let it be your apparel, accessory, a funky hairdo or a handbag to escape from reality and bring an unusual zing to your entire look when you head out in town. What say, style mavens?


We have selected a few unique bags in terms of shape, handle type, style, and structure to provide a distinctive edge and keep you looking stylish always.


Get a look and make yourself prepared to stand out in the crowd this season.


The Shapes of Fashion!

Well, it’s all in the shape looks like it! It’s time to ditch the boring and usual square or rectangular shaped bags for something different like the oval or hexagonal shaped bags. The landscape #totebag is also great to make a statement. With an inset handle, you can hold it differently as well.


It’s all about the Base!

Unlike the usual flat base handbags, this one is slant! How innovative, isn’t it? Go get yours, and bring a chic twist to your outfits.


One is good. Two is better!

Two handbag styles in one! Yes, pretties you heard it right. This adorable and trendy mini haversack from Baggit’s upcoming collection can be carried as a sling too. How cool is that! Like they say, “The more, the merrier.”


Clip it on!

Go double with a mini pouch attached to your bag, like this one! Carry it by itself or attach it to your bag to add extra oomph. 


When Extra Space is great!

A girl carries her entire world in her bag, so a little extra space is always great. This #overnighterbag with a zipper below is great to keep your shoes or tiffin if you wish during your long trips. You are going to love this unique, functional feature!


Go out there lovelies, be different, be you!

FB 504 x 504 px


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