Give a Stylish Makeover to your Looks!



What actually sets you apart from the rest of the crowd and puts you in the trendsetter bracket is that one innovative element you have added to your looks, we think so!

Sure, there are times you feel sluggish to make an effort to change your looks. But finding the easy way out and sticking only to the usual ready-to-buy stuff available online or at your favourite brand store gets monotonous and something which we object completely! It’s all about utilizing your fashion skills, which we think all of you already possess, and creating an identity for yourself. Why not awaken that style expert in you and try something different?


Girls, it’s time to get your creative and experimental juices flowing with DIY trendy fashion twists you might want to give your wardrobe, to look a tad more stylish. It’s all about taking your style to a whole new level, and we are going to aid you in doing by a few simple, yet fabulous makeovers that will captivate.


Bored of your bag?

Something as simple as tying a pretty, colourful scarf to a simple monotone #totebag can do wonders. Try a bow or a knot and bring a girly appeal to your entire look. Or else, just allow clip-on pouches/tassels to hang from your #hangbag for an eye-catching effect. Not only do they look cute and dramatic, they receive maximum brownie points on the practicality front from us as well. L Finnish Wan Skin


Bad Hair Day?

With the wind brushing through your hair, a bike ride can mess up your hair. Not something any of you revel in! Save your hair from disaster and unfold the scarf from your bag to use it as a headband. Let it culminate into a bow at the back with the loose ends falling beautifully on your chest. You could use it as a belt to hold your trousers or denims too. Simple as it sounds, this one piece of accessory can transform your looks altogether.


Heartbreaking to throw away your old denims?

Stop right there if you think your old denims are no good. Just rip them off! Yes, you heard it right. Distressed denims are a huge trend right now to create a flirty look. Hack them off at the hem if you like. Stitch up funky patches (the cute smiley face or any motif) onto your pair of jeans. It’s the best and trendiest way to wear your jeans right now. If you are not the daring kind, a ripped off denim bag is a much milder way to flaunt this trend.


Too many belts in your closet?

You can use it well! A #belt is an accessory that can bring a chic twist and brighten up a simple dress. Also, you could throw on a kimono over a tank top and hold it with a waist belt. Try it out, and you won’t regret!


Wish to fix your shoe style?

Bring out the true artist in you by dipping your brush into coloured fabric paint and then splashing it on your canvas shoes. With the variety of coloured laces available in the market, you can change your shoe lace for a different look every time as well. Talking about colours, the next collection of Baggit is all about a splash of playful, vibrant handbags. Another way to bring a quick fix to your everyday style, chicks. Wait for it! (Coming Soon)


It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting with fashion. Suiting your personality and style, change your looks and feel totally different. Guys, do share with us your fashion DIY’s. We would love to read about your style knacks J

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