Get Stylishly Playful in the Week!


A great way to beat the gloomy monsoon weather is with trendy styles, bright colours and a hint of metallics. This season, give a twist to your style and personality with the introduction of a bright and funky collection by Baggit. The vibrant colours and innovative designs in the range will brighten up your mood and take your style to a whole new level of fashion for sure.

The Collection comprises of Totes, Pouches, Miniature Haversack, Saddle and mini Sling bags for every modern diva who believes in looking chic and having their own style statement. Unleash your playful, fun side every day in the week with a vibrant set of bags that are à la mode.

Back to Work Mondays
After a fun-filled weekend, it’s Monday again! We know how melancholy it can get to wake up on a Monday morning and get dressed for work. And therefore, having a classy large #totebag to simply put in all your work essentials swiftly, just so you can reach work on time makes sense. What say?

Tidy Tuesdays
Thanks to your savior- the #totebag we mean that didn’t consume much of your time and got you on time at work. But, that messy bag wasn’t really a good sight every time you opened it to get something out. Carrying a sophisticated #pouch to hold your miniature essentials-cosmetics, cash, carkeys, phone is great to avoid all the mess in that big bag of yours. Trust us, with this #accessory you are going to be happy the entire week ☺

Relaxing Wednesdays
After a hectic day at work, you deserve a little breathing space. You might not think likewise, but you do. Work can take a toll and having a 15 minute walk in the park with of course a wallet across your body is ideal. Just in case you decide to nibble on something delicious on your way back home.


Glamorous Thursdays
Beauties, show the world what it is like when the weekend nears holding a casual #slingbag with a hint of #metallic. Bring in the weekend with glitz and glamour.


Casual Fridays
Let bright colored handbags give your day the energy and zing for you to swing in a bubbly performance. Splash the world with happy colours with bright coloured bags at work or otherwise. Go paint the world bright!

Soiree Saturdays
Yay! It’s Saturday and it’s party time. Pretties, leave your home in the most chic outfits and this mini #slingbag across your body to add a spark to your fun evenings.

Take off Sundays
Make any outfit feel youthful with the miniature #backpack that can be carried as a #slingbag too. Slip on a really cool pair of distressed denims, a well-fitted jersey top, a pair of white sneakers and this #minibackpack on your back as head for a casual adventurous outing with your pals. Stay relaxed, stay cool!


What are you waiting for? Get your Baggit Playful Splash collection, and create a striking statement every day!
Fashionistas, grab all of it at your nearest Exclusive Baggit store or at

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