Get to Know the Inspiration behind Baggit Bags.


You probably might not know from where the designers at #Baggit get their inspiration to design their statement handbags. Keeping up with the latest trends and incorporating the season colours might be one aspect, but there’s something more to that folks. We are here to give you a sneak peek of their inspirations and thought processes that urge them to create the lovely styles they always do, just so you can look fabulous and stand out. Get a look and be amazed!


Cups of Tea

The white tea cups as the main body of the bag. The black coaster on which the cups are placed is the black border. The handbag is quite simply the designer’s expression of colours while sipping on some tea, but in a more stylish form. The black and white mix exudes elegance and power. It’s your chance to flaunt your sophisticated side.


Run in a Jiffy

Inspired by the active girl who is always on-the-go and fast-paced, this sporty #duffelbag with stripe detailing is dedicated to her. The designers imagined the swoosh of pink and blue colours on the bag as she brushes by everyone, just like the wind. A trail of bright colours- her dynamic self is what she leaves behind..!


Perfect Symmetry

More of pink or lavender thought the designers. Keeping in mind the love you could have for either of the two colours and inspired by perfect symmetry, the designers decided to leave it up to all the lovely girls out there with #satchels in combination of both colours. Looks like it, we get to enjoy the best of both 🙂


Tring Tring

The telephone called out to the designers at #Baggit. Yes, the eye-catching shape of this #totebag adds a vintage touch and the buttoned studs represent the round finger holds of the rotary dial telephone- an amazing piece of history. As the colour of 2016, the pastel #rosequartz colour exudes modernity to the entire silhouette. For the creators, it was all about combining vintage and contemporary fashion. A beautiful design, must say!


Paint me Bright 

The colour components have been inspired by art done with different colored paints. The designers know that colours have the power to set in a lively mood and bring cheer. Wallets in different colours are a stylish way to include brightness in your life.


Fashionistas, what is it that inspires you to create your unique style? A thing, a place or a situation, do let us know about your true inspirations. We would love to be a part of it. Stay inspired, stay stylish pretties!

For more fashion news and updates of Baggit handbags and accessories, make sure to stay connected with all the Baggit social media platforms. 🙂


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