Women, as versatile as they are, are making their own choice and living life on their own terms which is great to witness truly. Someone is a fitness enthusiast, another with a natural streak of creativity and so many more qualities- she strives to do her best to achieve what she has aimed for every day. But what will complement her true self is that one thing, something stylish to express herself and flaunt her unique persona, don’t you think? That one fashion choice that will reflect how she feels on any given day is what we are talking about!

She starts her day with yoga to get through her work schedule peacefully and later in the evening heads to the gym-the toning is needed too. GYM, WORK REPEAT is what the typical schedule looks like for the girl who is a fitness aficionado. For her, “health is wealth” and if you want a fit body, you have to sweat it out. Impressive thoughts! Tough and stylish, she wants to be an inspiration to everyone.

Since she is always on-the-go, she likes to balance comfort and style. Her casual dressing, athletic body and friendly nature signify her personality. She slips on a pair of black leggings, a simple crop top, a jacket over, small stud earring, a pair of white sneakers, and a #duffelbag on the shoulder that holds all her fitness gear and off she heads to the studio. For an active woman who never tires, she creates for herself the right look, not compromising on fashion and comfort. After all, what is fashion without comfort right? L AERS EXCEL BLACK



If you relate to this kind of a woman, then you are going to love the new #athleisure #trend that’s doing the rounds. The hottest stars, right from Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner to Jacqueline Fernandez and Deepika Padukone are all flaunting the trend and in style. Who would not! It’s all about letting your gym clothes make its way out of the gym and be a part of your everyday wardrobe. So cool!

In the ideal world, sure you would have all the time for a quick change, but not in reality. You no more have to be concerned about carrying your pair of gym clothes to your workout session or any official or casual meetings. Convenience at your fingertips, pretties! Just imagine what would it be like to roam around everywhere in your workout wear clothes and a #sportybag to match a relaxed and chic look. We are sure you like this thought as much as we do. Do try the side braid hairstyle that goes perfectly well with the entire trend- and also because you don’t want the daily sweat sessions ruin your hair!

Continue to be you and active! Divas, do check out the next kind of woman we delve into in our upcoming blog soon 🙂 Do you match the fit? Stay tuned…

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