Teach and Learn-Happy Teacher’s Day!

“Everyone is my teacher. Some I seek. Some I subconsciously attract. Often I learn simply by observing others. Some may be completely unaware that I’m learning from them, yet I bow deeply in gratitude.”-Eric Allen

Such a relatable quote, don’t you think? This Teacher’s day, let’s not only make it about celebrating the teachers in schools and colleges, but everyone who have played the major role of a teacher in the walk of life. A great teacher can change your life; let it be our family who always has our back, our teachers at school/college, the dotting circle of friends, our seniors at work and life itself-our biggest TEACHER!


Inculcate Values

Right from when you were kids, our FAMILY has always constantly being trying to instill good values and learning’s in us. Remember the time you played monopoly with your father, it was just him trying to teach you the skill of saving, earning and spending when it comes to cash. Or every time your mother yelled at you to clean the house- that was her way of teaching you that housework needs to be a shared responsibility. The value system practiced in the family shapes our attitude towards other people and society. Our family inculcates values that we eventually portray in the outside world.


Impart Knowledge

Your TEACHERS certainly deservethe credit for what you are today. Every equation or formula was made so simple, just so that you achieve the greatest. Recollecting the planets in the solar system was always such a big task. But, the “My Very Educated Mother Just show us nine planets” mnemonic created, made it simpler as we thought! Or the time when she would make you stand to read a verse from your text book, in front of the entire class just so that you improve yourreadingskillsanddrive the nervousness out. They indeedare the ones responsible for shaping our future!


Build Relations

They say the bond of friendship is the strongest. Our FRIENDS are the greatest teachers when it comes to building relations. So much to learn from them, really! Right from being understanding, accepting, caring and lovable, they are the pillars of strength we never want to break. They will teach you that your differences are unique and will love you for who you are. And alsoa fight should never last, butshould rather strengthen the bond.


Push to Extremes 

Our SENIORS at work are constantly motivating and leading us in the right direction, helping us climb the ladder of success. A problem is never a problem if you find solutions is what we learn from them. It’s all about team work in an organization and some great learning’s…They are always encouraging us to bring passion and positive energy to the workplace every day with team interactive sessions and so much more…So much learning!


Work in Progress

Last but not the least, LIFE itself has so much to teach us. We are a work in progress, always grasping wisdom and evolving as we move forward.


Let’s not only take this day, but everyday to appreciate the teachers in our life by giving gratitude. Get out there and express your thanks in the best way you can.

Folks, do share some of your learning’s and experiences with the teachers in your life. We would love to be a part 🙂


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