The Terrific Trio : Men, Fashion & Business

Yes, there had been times when you enjoyed the dinners, the soap operas on television, with your spouse. But there have also been times when you felt lonely and waited for him for long hours so that he is back with astonishing news like, “I nailed that meeting” and “Everyone loved the presentation”. After all, he was out there working hard for the family. And it’s always great to look forward to his happy homecoming.


G Chandler Tingtong Blue – Business Bag for the working man

On the day of his arrival, he would hug you letting you know how much he missed your presence all the time he was away. Who wouldn’t love such sweet gestures after days of being apart! The look in his eyes would say it all. The travel agenda and meetings were rushed. The stay in the hotel room was lonely. The meal time was quiet. The flights delayed and boring transits. His heart was longing for his home. But, despite the mundaneness, the business meeting you helped him to get ready for was a mind-blowing one. The #wallet which he almost missed to take, and she rushed to the door to give him was of such great use, especially during those recurrent check-ins at the airport. And the crisp white shirt, contrasting tie and that iconic #laptopbag you picked up for him, just so that he could enter that meeting looking presentable were his lucky charms.


Gpp Ethan Escape Black – Travel Accessory for passport and cash (outer and inner view)

Every time he got his #cardholder out to share his business cards, his bosses complemented his excellent taste in style and his organized demeanor. Thanks to you! Your choices and love ofcourse helped him make an impression like no other. He couldn’t help thinking of how blessed he was to have you in his life. Eventually, it is always great to see him come back happy and appreciate her for always being there, isn’t it?

Gcch Rox Andrew Black – credit card holder

Ladies, we understand the effort you put in to get him business ready for that meeting or conference. Right from helping him pick out his apparels and accessories to always being there by his side, you truly are the reason behind his success, always wishing the best for him.And don’t be too disheartened while he is away. It could take a while, but it sure will be worth the wait. Go ahead, get him the best fashion items just so that he looks his best always-at a meeting or otherwise. For all the hardwork he put in, he deserves a little pampering. 🙂



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