Independent & Strong: She’s got her own back!

All the independent women out there throw your hands up in the air! What grit, confidence and passion you all possess to make it big in life, without caring about all the judgments. HATS OFF to that!

Her freedom to understand who she exactly is and how she wants to portray herself denotes her independent character. She has a job, her own car, pays her bills, and manages to live comfortably; she is the tough and independent woman we are talking about. You can keep pushing her, but she will hold herself together, and come back stronger than ever. She lives on her own terms and her fashion choices express her true persona, which is so beautiful.

Career-oriented and ambitious, it’s all about mixing work and play every week. To complement her direct nature, and fit body, she carries off a fitted, knee-length dress, well-swept hair, cuff bracelets, angular statement jewelry, a pair of designer pump shoes, and a structured #workbag on the wrist that holds her work essentials and just about anything to get through her hectic work days. She carries off her work look with élan and is always ready to take the day by storm.



She enters the board meetings looking confident, prepared to crack her presentation that she has been arduously preparing for all the while. She knows she is there to make a mark for herself and she certainly will create an impact come what may. Her dedication and hard work fetch her standing ovations from all the senior executives every time she sums up with a smile. It does not stop there. Her success has to be celebrated and it must be with all her friends and the people she loves. She slips on a cocktail dress and with a sterling #clutch in her hand, off she heads to the nearest club to have a great time. Work hard, but style and party harder is what this independent girl believes in. You Go, Girl!



Go ahead, enjoy being independent! Girls, it’s fine if you don’t find yourself falling under the “independent girl” kind, you’ll get there soon we are sure. Stay tuned for the next woman personality we will tap into…It could be you!

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